“Lady in bikini” froze to death

 "Путешественница в бикини" замерзла насмерть

Blogger from Taiwan 36-year-old Gigi Wu died in his last campaign. The girl called “lady in bikini”, froze to death. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Chinese Gigi Wu considered himself an avid traveler and was famous for an unusual photo. The blogger liked to conquer the summit and was filmed in the mountains in a bathing suit, writes the Correspondent.

Last January 11, Wu went to a single campaign in the hope to conquer the highest peak in Taiwan, Yushan. Eight days later, the blogger was issued a distress signal, saying that fell into a ravine and can’t get out.

Due to bad weather for three rescue groups were forced to go back, never reaching to the girl. When two groups of climbers were able to get to the gorge, they found the lifeless body of a Chinese woman. It turned out that she froze to death.

 "Путешественница в бикини" замерзла насмерть

 "Путешественница в бикини" замерзла насмерть
Photo: facebook.com/ggwu.wcy