“Kvartal 95” is caught in a scandal

"Квартал 95" попал в громкий скандал

The singer is transgender Sianga (formerly Boris Aprel) was outraged and accused the “Studio Quarter 95” in homophobia and harassment. It became known of it from her official page in Instagram.

“Homophobia and transphobia in Ukraine are in the Prime of life! You should be ashamed of it! The President? No! Thank you” – appealed to Sianga Zelensky.

The reason this statement has become one of the editions of “League of laughter” called “KAZKA – Tymoshenko CRIED – VIP Ternopil”.

“If you treat me, so treat all LGBT+! And for me, this is unacceptable. At this stage you can forget about Europe and “at least a normal level of life,” she said.

In this scene in the poster upcoming with Zelensky and Dorofeeva film “I, you, he, she” changed the word “she” with “it”. Also in this issue ribbed Tianji operation for a sex change. The role of the singer was played by Sergey Kazanin.

“By the way, the artists who continue to go to such events! Do you really think that laughed at the LGBT+ (thereby promoting homophobia and hatred) have you ever held a career in Europe or America? Get in here and unload your bags!”, – wrote Sianga.

Separately Sianga addressed personally to Vladimir Zelensky: “Zelensky, you ought to be ashamed of it. The President? No! Thank you, next”.