Komorowski explained how to correctly measure the temperature

Комаровский объяснил, как правильно измерить температуру

What should I do?

Most popular in Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski published in a social network post, which gives advice on how to correctly measure the temperature.

According to him, before measuring, press the arm to the torso — the only way a thermometer will show the correct result, reports politeka.net.

“The temperature of skin in the axilla depends crucially on, pressed the hand to the torso or not. If pressed for at least five minutes — it’s all right, that’s the temperature that can be measured and which can be trusted”, — he wrote.

The doctor said that we need 5 minutes to keep the arm close to the body so that the temperature in the axillary region has risen to the “correct” values, and then for about 5 minutes — actually on the operation of the thermometer.

In order to correctly measure the armpit temperature, you should:

1. To wipe (DAB) the skin under the arm that she was wet.

2. Press the child’s hand to your side for 5 minutes (to wrap, to swaddle).

3. Stick the thermometer still for about 5 minutes, during which absolutely can not interrupt the measurement and pull out the thermometer to satisfy your own curiosity.

Previously, we reported that the popular Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski gave valuable advice to young parents.
“Remember this important rule that will enable a young mother to maintain peace of mind. Parents should ignore any advice if they are complex, intricate, obscure, or cause internal protest. Your instinct of procreation creates the emotional readiness that the child care is simple and natural, it is given to you by Nature. All the complex and confusing Nature contrary. Stay away from the pundits and know-it-alls, especially uninvited,” advises the doctor.