Komorowski explained how to breathe properly in winter

Комаровский объяснил, как правильно дышать зимой

Whether to wrap up in a scarf

Famous pediatrician Dr. Komorowski spoke about what real function the street performs the scarf that moms love to coddle their children.

Kharkov pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, long known under the name of “Dr. Komarovsky,” drew their attention to the expected changes in the weather, which will bring Ukraine the cold and snow, reports politeka.net.

Комаровский объяснил, как правильно дышать зимой

Doctor Komorowski said on his page on Instagram was one of the winter clothing like a scarf.

Often we see on the street mothers and grandmothers who walk with their precious offspring muffled to the eyebrows in scarves. Involuntarily recall the days of the USSR, when not only scarves, but shawls and feather wrapped around babies to prevent hypothermia of the street in the cold.

Dr. Komorowski came to the question should or should not wear a scarf with a traditional him to criticality and objectivity.

Since its publication Komorowski noted that in the cold the child has to breathe through her nose only, otherwise the frigid air will hit directly in the bronchi and can end the disease.

It is the nose, according to Yevgeny Komarovsky knows how to warm the air.

However, Dr. Komorowski noted that the presence of the scarf is an additional measure to prevent hypothermia.

A scarf is needed, according to Dr. Komarovsky, when the child is in an open carriage, a sleigh, and when the real frost and strong wind.

At the same time, said the pediatrician, “the scarf, as a rule, is not necessary if the child is in an enclosed wheelchair — exhaled air markedly increases the temperature in a confined space, where the head, plus there’s no wind”.

If cold nose, the doctor advises Komorowski hide it, and the mouth under the scarf. And this applies to the adult population. Just roll up the cloth mouth, focuses the medic, makes no sense. To hide from the cold to both.

Dr. Komorowski also noted that the fabric should not be too fit snugly to the body, and also be of such texture that will not bring irritation to the skin.