Kolomoisky immediately left Switzerland

Коломойский срочно покинул Швейцарию

Tycoon moved to tel Aviv

The Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky moved to Israel from Switzerland, and according to people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko it is connected with the investigation Federal Bureau of investigation of the United States.

On Friday, January 18, reports the edition “Business.Media” with reference to the publication of the MP in the Telegram.

“Because Switzerland could issue Kolomoisky Americans, and Israel does not extradite its citizens, the oligarch from sin moved to tel Aviv”, – said the people’s Deputy Leshchenko.

According to the MP, now FBI checks on Kolomoisky involvement in financial fraud in the United States. One of the reasons for such interest to a person of Ukrainian businessman began buying property in Cleveland. Sergey Leshchenko reported that the information he personally confirmed to the FBI that were in Kiev in the framework of this case a couple of years ago.

“The main reason the FBI’s investigation, which is held against Kolomoisky in connection with a possible fraud and money laundering in the U.S., in particular – through the purchase of real estate in the city of Cleveland. I can only confirm that Kolomoisky really interested law enforcement officers from Cleveland – I was personally contacted by FBI agents who came from that city to Kiev a few years ago.”, – said Sergey Leshchenko.