Knocked out Windows in Russia powerful explosion. Video

Выбило окна: в России прогремел мощный взрыв. Видео

What happened?

In the Leningrad region of Russia at a chemical plant, an explosion occurred.

The incident happened in the town of Kingisepp on the plant “Piper”. The explosion was of such force that smashed Windows even in buildings that are located within a kilometer from this place, according to Life.

The emergency drove a lot of cars of rescuers and ambulances.

“So rushed, we in the flat wall 5 cm lurched to the side and was back in place. In my eyes. The horror! I think, probably, the earthquake began”, – eyewitnesses reported.

In the administration of the Kingisepp district, reported that the explosion collapsed part of the plant for production of chemical additives in the area of 50 sq m. injuring three people.

Firefighters have localized the fire, not allowing further spread of fire.

“The explosion of a barrel of fuel and lubricants warehouse plant “Polyplast”. Extinguish a fire”, – is told in the message.

It is noted that the explosion occurred on the territory of LLC “Polyplast North-West”, located in the industrial zone “phosphorite” in Kingisepp, Leningrad region. The plant produces chemical additives for concrete and dry building mixtures