Knocked down: a wild Boar attacked the man and tried to steal his bag (VIDEO)

Сбил с ног: Кабан напал на мужчину и пытался отобрать у него сумку (ВИДЕО)

The incident occurred at the railway station Imajuku (Fukuoka, Japan).

This is reported by the media.

A local resident took video of the attack of a wild boar at a passerby. The footage you can see how the animal knocked the man, and then tried to snatch the bag from his hands. But the sharp sounds of horns, passing cars frightened the boar, and he quickly disappeared from the scene.

The man was hospitalized. The fangs of a wild boar had ripped him in the thigh and the poor man had to put 13 stitches. According to local media, the train station is few hundred meters from the mountain area where the animal ran.

Recall that in Energodar (Zaporozhye region), local residents rescued a wild boar that fell into the open hatch.

Earlier Volyn boar “babysit” kittens.

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