Klimkin on the new Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine: in the near future will be agreed, the results of agrement

Климкин о новом после Венгрии в Украине: в ближайшее время будет согласована выдача агремана

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that the problems in the appointment of the new Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine.

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs said at a press conference in Uzhgorod,after a meeting with representatives of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that the issue of the appointment of the new Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine “there are no questions”.

At the same time, he said about the results of agrément, the Hungarian diplomat. “It will be in the near future, respectively. This is absolutely not an issue. That is, the question of ambassadors, it is the subject of the sentence countries. As far as I know, Hungary, incidentally, has nominated the representative of the diplomatic Department, having a relationship with Transcarpathia”, – said Klimkin.

“I even péter Szijjártó said that he (the candidate to the post of Ambassador – UNIAN) are now actively studying the Ukrainian language. I said that very well, we’ll test his knowledge of Ukrainian. That is, with the appointment of Ambassador no questions,” – said Klimkin. The head of foreign Ministry stressed that the appointment of the new Hungarian Ambassador is not the problem of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations. “For me, the question is, how do we see our collaboration as we collectively care about the community”, – said Klimkin.

Recall that the Hungarian edition of Magyaridok, Minister of state for communications Hungary Tamas Menzer said that the Hungarian government regards as “unfriendly step” the delay in approval of candidate for the post of new Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine, what’s going on “for many months”.

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