Klimkin made a clear statement about observers from the Russian Federation on elections in Ukraine

Климкин сделал четкое заявление по поводу наблюдателей из РФ на выборах в Украине

Kiev has already explained everything to Europeans

Russia has declared its readiness to send observers to elections in Ukraine, but Russians in this process will not allow. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin made clear that Kiev refused Moscow in the presence of Russian representatives.

He said this at a joint with the foreign Minister of the Czech Republic press conference, reports segodnya.ua.

According to him, Kiev has already explained to the Europeans, why representatives of Russia can not be in the Ukrainian elections.

“I really don’t see any conflict. We clearly said that the foreign Ministry will not register official observers from the Russian Federation on forthcoming elections. It is our political position. This is evidence that Russia is an aggressor state. And even legally to prevent the Russian official observers to Ukraine is impossible. So accordingly we have sent a formal appeal to the Office of democracy and human rights that the Russian observers can not be here. In the history of the OSCE there are relevant precedents”, – said Klimkin.

The Minister noted that in Ukraine to register election observers can, the MFA and the CEC. He expects that the CEC will not do it.

“I hope that the CEC will not be even, by definition, to record the official Russian observers. It is absolutely wrong either political or legal, and finally, from a moral point of view. And no conflicts I do not see, but Russia can claim anything”, – said the foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Klimkin added that Russian representatives have nothing to do in Ukraine after the illegitimate elections in occupied Crimea and Donbas.