Kinodaydest: Tilda Swinton in horror, new shots of “Fantastic creatures” and festival “In short”

Kinodaydest: Tilda Swinton in horror, new shots of "Fantastic creatures" and festival "In short"
Kinodaydest: Tilda Swinton in horror, new shots of “Fantastic creatures” and festival “In short”
Summer is gradually coming to its end, and half of August has already passed. And in the world of cinema during this time there was a lot of news about upcoming projects. Return of Wes Anderson with the anniversary, tenth, the film, the first horror trailer from the mad genius Gaspar Noe and the new footage from “Fantastic Beasts” – read about this and many other things in the weekly film news digest.

The first shots of the series “Chilling soul adventures Sabrina”

Last year, Netflix announced the remake of the popular 2000 TV series about Sabrina Spelman, a girl who learns about her magical abilities after she turned 16. The story itself is based on the popular American series Archie Comics, part of the same universe with Riverdale, last year’s CW channel hit.

Unlike the old version of the series, the action will occur not in the zero, but in the 1960s, as it was in the original comics. In addition, the showrun “Sabrina” promises that the overall tone will be extremely gloomy – as references he brought the cult horror films “Rosemary’s Baby” by Roman Polanski and “The Exorcist” by William Friedkin. The main role will be performed by a young actress Kiernan Shipka, known for the series “Madmen”.

The first official trailer of “Ecstasy” Gaspar Noe was released

The main provocateur of French independent cinema again surprised everyone with a new, even more insane, story. His previous painting “Love” fell into the epicenter of the scandal because of the abundance of frank bed scenes and was banned by the Ministry of Culture for rent in Russia. This time the director chose a new genre and successfully developed the story in his own unique style.

In the center of the story is a group of dancers who find themselves at a party in an abandoned building. At first, everyone dances together and drinks sangria, but a couple of hours pass, and it turns out that someone mixed LSD with a drink. Further heroes are waiting for the orgy, betrayals and rivers of blood. All actors Noah recruited from professional dancers, and from Hollywood stars here only actress Sofia Butella, who began her career as a dancer with Madonna.

Published the first frame with Tilda Swinton from the remake of “Suspiria”

After the incredible success of the film “Call me by your name,” Luca Guadagnino told that he will be filming a remake of “Suspiria” – the film of the Italian classics of horror films Darrio Argento. One of the key roles in the film will be played by Guadagnino’s beloved actress Tilda Swinton, with whom they have worked together several times: both in the first full-length film of the director, and in the films “I am Love” and “The Big Splash”. The first frame in the image of the mysterious heroine Madame Blanc published an edition of Entertainment Weekly.

“Suspiration” will tell the story of a young girl Susie, who dreams of becoming a dancer. She comes to the best ballet school in Germany, where a series of murders of young students occurs. Susie begins her own investigation and finds out the darkest secrets of the inhabitants of this institution. The main role was given to Dakota Johnson, also in the frame will appear Chloe Moretz and Mia Goth. The film will be released in Russian on November 29.
The first frame of a small Nyhler appeared

Two years ago, the hearts of all fans of “Harry Potter” and the franchise “Fantastic creatures” conquered a new magic beast. If before everyone loved Bug and Phoenix, now in the center of universal enthusiasm was Nykhler – a creature similar to a cross between a mole and a platypus. Like any magical animal, it has its own ability: it is able to attract coins and precious ornaments, which for him are a kind of food.

Now the filmmakers showed a frame with a little Nyuhler, whom the main character Newt Salamander will find in the second part of the film “Fantastic creatures.” Unlike an adult, a newborn creature has a softer coat, with white spots. In the movie there will be new animals, but their appearance is not yet revealed. The premiere is scheduled for November 15.

Wes Anderson will withdraw his tenth film

The famous director promises to start filming in February next year. As a place of action, he chose the southwest of France. This will be the third full-length film he shoots in Europe, after the Grand Hotel Budapest and Water Life. According to Charente Libre, Anderson will first try his hand at the musical genre. I wonder if he will be able to say a new word in this topic or repeat the success of “La Lena” by Damien Shazel, whose picture won six of the 14 nominations for Oscar?

The title of the film is not reported, the plot is also not known much: the action will unfold in the 1940s and events will be related to postwar time in Europe. By the way, Anderson himself often spoke about his love for the French new wave and, in particular, for the musical “Sherbourg umbrellas”, which made Catherine Deneuve famous.

Opening of the festival “In short” in Kaliningrad

In Kaliningrad, the sixth short film festival “Shorter” will be held. In just three days, the organizers promise to present the works of both young debutants and recognized masters. In the list of beginning directors there were actresses Maria Shalaeva, Dasha Charusha, Marusya Fomina, and also the daughter of Timur Bekmambetova Zhanna. The jury of the festival included Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Elena Lyadova, Evgeny Grishkovets and others. Guests of the festival were able to see the new video of the singer Monetochka before the song “In the 90’s people were killed”, the singer Grechka took part in the shooting. The official premiere of the video will be on August 21.

Opened “In short” the all-Russian premiere of the sequel “Uchilki” entitled “The Last Test.” In the story, the heroine of Irina Kupchenko, along with the class, goes to the theater for a premiere, but they become hostages to a terrorist group. This will be the first feature film in the domestic cinema, which will indirectly be associated with the events of the terrorist attack that occurred in 2002 on the musical “Nord-Ost”. Director Alexei Petrukhin invited to participate in the filming of real participants of the tragic events.

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