Kills the battery: Users have reported about the dangerous features to the iPhone XS

Убивает аккумулятор: Пользователи сообщили об опасной функции iPhone XS

The most modern smartphone iPhone XS started pompously, got a bunch of awards, but it has many problems. Recently, users have found a solution how to fix the problem of weak battery.

It is reported Today.

The problem with weak autonomy appeared after a fresh iOS upgrade 12. Installing the update, the owners noticed that the charge iPhone XS started to literally melt before our eyes. And the problem was so prevalent that people leave angry reviews all over the Internet. And the problem is evident even on the iPad.

“Before night, my iPad can lose only 1% charge. After I updated to iOS 12, my iPad loses 30% of battery at the same time,” commented one of the angry owners of Apple devices.

The solution came from a Reddit user discovered that the problem lies in the new iOS 12, which is called “Screen time”. He claims, after disabling this option, the indicators of autonomy immediately returned to normal.

How to turn off the “Screen time”:

Launch “Settings” on the iOS device.

Go to “Screen time”.

Select “Off Screen time” at the bottom

To restart the device.

Recall that the “Screen time” is a new feature in iOS aims to collect usage statistics from your iPad or iPhone to save personal time. Revealed that it mostly just harms than benefits.

We will remind that earlier the experts found that the new IPhones to drop not – iPhone XS and XS Max fast break after a fall. However, on the other hand the screen of the iPhone XS is recognized as the best in the world.

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