Killed wife, neighbors, and a COP shot: the man made massacre

Убил жену, соседей, копа и застрелился: мужчина устроил кровавую расправу

In Bashkiria the inhabitant of the city Uchaly shot his wife and two others, then killed himself.

As informs management of the Investigative Committee for Bashkiria, the crime occurred on the night of January 13.

The man, being drunk, quarreled with his wife; she ran to the neighbors. He took a gun and chasing his wife, killed a neighbor and injured her husband and another neighbor, who soon died in the hospital. Subsequently, the man killed his wife and committed suicide.

According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Bashkiria, the dead neighbor was a member of the expert units of the police Department of Uchalinskomu area. Russia’s investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article murder of two and more persons.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” reports that the killer was a 35-year-old Arthur I. the Man was an ordinary villager: I got married a few years ago, built a house and raised children. Neighbors spoke of him well – was kind and sympathetic person.

“It really was a good family with far-reaching plans for the future. Built a house, raised children. Whatever happened this night, I feel sorry for everyone. I don’t condone it, but still. Just can’t grasp and don’t believe in all this. Good-natured man he was. Never had problems”, – said a local resident.

Other neighbors also characterize Arthur as a friendly person. The villagers wonder what prompted him to commit a terrible act.

“Villagers say that Arthur was jealous of his wife and made a bloodbath. And someone says that the man being drunk came home and demanded the wife of another of money on booze, having been refused, decided cruelly to deal with it. First, he was severely beaten, and then the enraged husband grabbed his gun and began to aim it at his wife. To calm him down was probably impossible. To try to escape, the woman decided to run for help to the neighbors”, – said in the article.

According to the publication, to Zafiro and Hulsie Hilarium she ran in her nightdress was covered in blood, screamed and begged her to hide.