Kiev presented the UN’s stringent requirements for RF

Киев предъявил ООН жесткие требования из-за РФ

Otherwise there will be war

Official Kiev is to gradually abolish the veto in the UN security Council.

Reports with the corresponding statement was made by the head of the Permanent mission of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko.

According to him, the decision is extremely important in the context of Russia’s aggression, which is one of the permanent members of the security Council.

“Due to the fact that the Russian Federation is abusing the right of veto in the Council – the process of consideration of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the situation around the shoot down of the Malaysian aircraft MH17, the question of Salisbury and the situation in Syria is paralyzed,” writes Yelchenko.

“We believe that a permanent member of the Security Council, when he is a party to the conflict dealt with by the Council should be limited in their ability to use veto power on matter in which he is an interested party,” – explained the Ambassador.

In addition, according to Yelchenko, Ukraine is among the signatory countries of the Declaration in support of the initiative on the voluntary commitment of the representatives of the “permanent five” security Council renouncing the use of the veto in cases of mass atrocities.