Kidding (Canal+) : which star of the small screen has inspired Jim Carrey to portray the hero of the series ? (VIDEO)

Kidding (Canal+) : de quelle star du petit écran s'est inspiré Jim Carrey pour incarner le héros de la série ? (VIDEO)

Since 17 January, Canal+ diffuse Kidding, a series in which Jim Carrey plays a television host and broadcaster for children. Did you know ? This one is inspired by a star of the small screen !

In Kidding, launched on 17 January on Canal+, Jim Carrey Jeff Pickles, a famous television host and broadcaster for children, to the commands of the broadcast Mr Pickle”s puppet time. This character-does he really exist ? This is the response that you will find in this new issue of The tv questions to Tv 2 Weeks. Verdict ? No, Jeff Pickles is totally fictional, but it has been heavily inspired by a star from the american tv who died in 2003, Fred Rogers. For more than thirty years, this facilitator has held the reins of the program Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, a program for children.

In addition to being at the controls of the two programs are similar, with the mixing of songs and puppets, the two men are also taking a look dress close enough. Fred Rogers troquait, at the beginning of each show, his suit jacket and his moccasins against a cardigan and tennis. Still, the tragedy experienced by the hero of Kidding, who has lost one of her twins, is totally fictitious, even if Fred Rogers was also a dad of two boys. If you want to discover other similarities or other differences between Jeff Pickles and Fred Rogers, take a look at our video above.