Kevin Spacey: how the sex scandal affected his acting career and what he does now

Kevin Spacey: how the sex scandal affected his acting career and what he does now
Kevin Spacey: how the sex scandal affected his acting career and what he does now
Today, his 59th birthday is celebrated by Kevin Spacey – one of the most talented, bright and successful Hollywood actors. On his account, several dozens of roles in the cinema and more than 40 awards (including the Oscars). However, last year his further acting career was under great threat because of accusations of sexual harassment and the subsequent kumping-out.

What is Kevin Spacey doing now, will we see him in the cinema and whether he still has friends among his fellow actors-we tell in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.

Kevin Spacey

Scandal and Cumming Out

Last year, it seems, became a record for the number of sexual scandals, in which many celebrities were involved. Kevin Spacey was among them. Actor, we recall, accused of sexual harassment Anthony Rapp, who stated that Spacey tried to seduce him many years ago (Rapp was 14 years old then, Spacey – 26).

He tried to seduce me. I do not know if he correctly interpreted his intentions, but he tried to enter into sexual contact with me. I was able to jump away from him and close in the bathroom,

– he declared.

Hide his head in the sand and blame his colleague for lying Spacey did not become and instantly responded to these statements in his Twitter. He apologized to Rapp, but at the same time noted that he himself does not remember this incident.

I’m horrified by this story and really do not remember this meeting, which was 30 years ago. But if it is as it was described, then I sincerely apologize for my unacceptable drunken behavior. I’m sorry that these feelings, which he described, haunted him all these years,

– said the actor.

In addition, Spacey made a bold confession, having told that he is homosexual.

I had relationships with men and women. Now I live like a gay man,

– he admitted.

Kevin Spacey in the movie “American Beauty”

However, the honesty of the actor was not appreciated by all. The fact is that Spacy’s sexual orientation in Hollywood, in general, and so many guessed. The moment for a public statement he chose the most unfortunate – confessing that he was gay, Spacey seemed to want to distract attention from the very essence of the scandal in this way. And if he did not happen, he would hardly ever admit to his homosexuality.


After the scandal was widely publicized, Spacey decided not to award the Emmy Award, Netflix announced the termination of its collaboration with him, which produced the series House of Cards, the main star of which he was, then the famous director Ridley Scott He removed all the scenes with the actor from the film “All the Money in the World” he had already shot, and Christopher Plummer was invited to take part in the project instead. In general, Kevin Spacey’s career went downhill.

Kevin Spacey

Representative of the actor said that his ward decided to take a break in his professional activities, so that in the near future, films with his participation can not wait.

Kevin Spacey takes the time to weigh everything and get the necessary help,

– he said.

Kevin Spacey

The reaction of society: support and criticism

Whether Kevin Spacey expected that this old story will cause such a public outcry and so radically affect his future destiny, one can only guess. However, it is worth noting that the reaction of his colleagues to the scandal was different.

Quite cautiously addressed to the actor spoke to his colleague on the series “House of Cards” Robin Wright, who noted his talent, but did not say anything bad about him.

Kevin and I talked to each other between shootings, periodically laughing with him and joking. But I really did not know what kind of person he was. I only knew what an incredible master of his craft,

She said in an interview.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the series “House of Cards”
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the series “House of Cards”

He tried to justify the actor and his older brother Randall Fowler, who told that he and Spacey (this, incidentally, his pseudonym) had a difficult childhood – they lived with his father who beat them and raped them and showed cruelty towards them.

As a child, we faced bullying and disregard in our home – the house of horrors …
Kevin struggled with his sexuality, always denying that he is gay. On stage, he pretended to be someone else, which gave him strength and changed him. He got rid of Fowler’s name and came up with a Kevin Spacey character to disguise the monster inside,

– he said.

Supported by Spacey and Canadian actor Christopher Plummer, who replaced him in the same Scott film.

What happened to Kevin is very sad. He is an incredibly talented actor, and this is even more offensive,

– he said.

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