Kept in the cold are the elderly and children: there are details about the meanness of the “L’s republics” in the Donbas

Держали на морозе стариков и детей: появились подробности о подлости ''Л/ДНР'' на Донбассе

The terrorists at border crossing points does not permit the citizens, who had followed on to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

This reports the press center of the headquarters Operations of joint forces in Facebook, adding that residential people and children were forced to wait for hours in the cold for their turn.

“Border guard units from the joint force ensure smooth operation of control points of entry and exit and an appropriate level of security for citizens. At the same time, representatives of the Russian armed forces acting with gross violations of human rights, slow pass through the line of differentiation and are the accumulation of people and vehicles on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”, – is told in the message.

According to the HSE, over the past days the invaders passed through the checkpoint, only certain categories of persons.

“The rest of the citizens, especially the elderly, women and children, are forced in the cold a long time to be in long queues in front of the checkpoints Pro-Russian militants and expect a departure from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”, – said in the headquarters.

Because of the actions of the terrorists in these conditions, died two Ukrainians. Doctors failed to save their lives, despite emergency care at the place of arrival on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

“At risk are exposed daily to thousands of citizens who are forced to follow in a controlled area of Ukraine, escaping from difficult socio-economic conditions that created the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine controlled by the aggressor, the self-proclaimed authorities. To reduce potential dangers from citizens waiting to cross the delimitation line, border guards from the combined forces organized measures to minimize the time of the control”, – told in EP.