Kendall Jenner apologized to the models for insulting remarks, but the matter ended badly again

Kendall Jenner apologized to the models for insulting remarks, but the matter ended badly again
Kendall Jenner apologized to the models for insulting remarks, but the matter ended badly again

22-year-old Kendall Jenner, of course, has long been accustomed to close attention, but hardly expected that her next statements about the model career will cause such a stir. Recall, in an interview with the anniversary issue of the magazine Love Magazine, the podium star noted that she was always very selective and she was never one of those girls who work out 30 shows a season. This remark seemed insulting to many, because most of the models work very intensively, and in Jenner’s commentary the public saw the condemnation of other models for such a choice.
The reaction in social networks, as well as the explanation that workaholism is not a whim, did not keep you waiting.

These girls are doing everything possible to build a career and earn money for themselves to support their family! And, by the way, for the season we are practicing 70 shows, and are proud of each of them!

– wrote in the Instagram model Daria Strouks.

Her colleagues also criticized Kendall, pointing out that Jenner’s words sound very disrespectful to other girls working in the fashion industry.

It made me so angry! Such words are offensive to 99 percent of the models – yes, they have to plow! This is real life,

– the Polish model Monika Jagachak was indignant.

Kendall Jenner

After massive criticism, Kendall decided to justify herself. Jenner explained her position in a series of tweets, emphasizing that her statement was misinterpreted.

My words from a recent interview were misunderstood. It was supposed to be a compliment, but it was distorted and pulled out of context. I want to clarify the situation. Respect that I feel for my colleagues, immensely!

– Kendall wrote.

Jenner, who was accused of being too far from the real problems faced by her less famous colleagues, also tried to convince the network’s users that she knows everything about the difficult model everyday life.

I learned first-hand what constants of duty are, work ethics, endlessly long days and sleepless nights, separation from family and friends, stress from constant relocations and loss of physical and mental health,

– shared Jenner.

I am inspired by all the people with whom I was lucky to work together! I could never hate them! I wish victory to all!

– emotionally completed its appeal model.

However, network users do not seem to believe in the sincerity of her words, hinting that the living conditions of Kendall and its original capabilities are incomparable with those in which most simple models are located. Instead of praising the star for admitting his mistakes, wits from the Internet immediately accused Jenner of hypocrisy.

Poor rich girl!

You have not experienced half of that shit experienced by these models! They must pass castings, wait for several hours, and if they are late even for a second, they are accused of violating their obligations and are denied! You with your money, fame and name will never understand this!

Model! Yes to you will never be and half of that respect which these girls deserve! Especially with your mediocre model talents and lack of ethics! You are not selective, you arrogant snob!

Kendall Jenner

For the next portion of criticism, to which Kendall, like her family, is not accustomed, the model reacted with wise calmness.

Develop in yourself kindness today and always,

– Jenner wrote in her Twitter.

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