Katy Keene : plot, cast, date… All the information on the spin-off of Riverdale

Katy Keene : intrigues, casting, date... Toutes les infos sur le spin-off de Riverdale

The american channel CW has given the green light for the construction of the potential future series Katy Keene. If it is controlled, this show will be a spin-off of Riverdale.

As the fans of Riverdale are rejoicing : the american channel the CW (which airs the show in the United States) has just ordered a pilot for a potential series derived from the fiction, wrapping the twists and turns are unlikely to occur. The main character will be Katy Keene, a protagonist well-known by fans of the Archie Comics. Below you’ll find the first information about this project.

Katy Keene, season 1 – release Date

If the pilot episode like the leaders of the CW, the series Katy Keene will be commissioned and developed for the season 2019/2020. Thus, the launch of the show’s potential is to consider for the fall of 2019 or later, in mid-season, in January 2020.

Katy Keene, season 1 – The latest news

K. J. Apa (Archie in Riverdale) presents his “son” to his fans (PHOTO) : the family of K. J. Apa, the star of Riverdale is growing ! The actor star has adopted a small dog, all cute, of course, he is presented to his fans on Instagram.

The crossover between Riverdale and the New Adventures of Sabrina is not for any of the following : The New Adventures of Sabrina being a spin-off of Riverdale, the fans expect, logically, to see the two worlds meet one day. But they will have to wait a certain time before this happens.

Riverdale (Netflix) : Kelly Ripa, the wife of Hiram Lodge in the city, arrived in femme fatale : After Mark Consuelos, in the role of Hiram, and his son in the role of Hiram young, it is the turn of his wife, Kelly Ripa, join it as Riverdale.

Katy Keene, season 1 – Plot

Like Archie, Betty or Veronica in Riverdale, Katy Keene is a character from the universe of the Archie Comics. His first appearance in comics dates back to 1945 ! This is a young woman, a model, actress and singer.

This project will stage four protagonists of the Archie Comics, Katy Keene. The action will take place in New York, before our heroine does not become a legend mode. With his friends, all aged in their twenties and budding artists, it will attempt to realize its dream of breaking through to Broadway. The show will include musical scenes.

Katy Keene will not be introduced in a special episode of Riverdale (commonly known as the backdoor pilot).

Katy Keene, season 1 – the Actors

For the time being, no actor has yet been chosen to join the distribution.

Behind the scenes, on the other hand, we know that Greg Berlanti, producer of Riverdale, will be one of the producers of this new series (it is already at that place for You, Supergirl, the Flash, Arrow…), notably on the side of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who has recently developed The New Adventures of Sabrina for Netflix. The latter will also write the screenplay with Michael Grassi.

Katy Keene, season 1 – Number of episodes

At this stage, only a pilot episode has been ordered. If the result appeals to the leaders of the american channel CW, a first season will then start. The number of episodes will therefore be defined at this time.