Katastrofa su-27 near Zhitomir: the results of the investigation

Катастрофа Су-27 под Житомиром: появились результаты расследования

In command of Air forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine are studying the circumstances of the crash su-27 on December 15 in Zhytomyr region. While that was not discovered external factors that could be the cause of the crash: the fighter was new, and the pilot experienced.

The plane crashed during landing, between main and front-wheel drive aerodrome Lake. The flight lasted about 30 minutes. As noted by the command, in the area of flight meteorological conditions were complex, but installed at least the weather was performed. The pilot was trained to perform the task in these conditions and knew his car, the newspaper writes “Facts”.

The su-27 was released in 1987 and is one of the newest aircraft of this type in the armed forces. For the life of su-27, made 824 planting, held in the sky 479 hours. In 2016, the aircraft was repaired, aircraft engines underwent a major overhaul at the factory in Lutsk. At the scene are specialists of the Air Forces of VS of Ukraine, the State Bureau of investigation and the police.