Just before the election, the SBU intends to block sites that threaten national security

Аккурат перед выборами: СБУ намерена блокировать сайты, угрожающие нацбезопасности

Russian secret services are preparing a powerful cyber attacks

The security service of Ukraine in the near future will start blocking sites that are suspected of undermining the national security of the country before the presidential election.

As informs RBC-Ukraine, this was stated by the head of Department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the field of information security SBU Alexander Klimchuk in the program “Freedom of speech”.

According to Klimchuk, such actions of the SBU will be taken in response to information and cyber attacks, primarily from Russia. So, the last time SBU captures a group of Internet agitators who cooperate with the Russian curators and get them to monetary compensation and assignments to discredit the electoral process.

“The security information indicates that the main tendency of the Russian special forces will do to the hybrid aggression: cyber-attacks, attacks on cyber space and critical infrastructure. And a second vector of information influence, fake news and attacks on information space,” said Klimchuk.

According to him, the SBU has information that Russian secret services are preparing a powerful cyber attacks before and during the presidential elections in Ukraine.

“They can place not only on the electronic system directly to the Central election Commission, and can attack any critical infrastructure, such as transport, communication, Finance and energy,” said Klimchuk.

The head of the Department noted that over the past year, were blocked by about 2 thousand of fake accounts.

“Were filed for sanctions of about 200 Internet sites that promoted the Russian ideology. This year received 100 more websites in the near future, the closest presidential decree will be entered the decision of the Council and these sites will be blocked,” added Klimchuk.