Juliette Roudet (Profiling on TF1) : “My start of the series has been difficult, but it was as obvious”

Juliette Roudet (Profilage sur TF1) : "Mon départ de la série a été difficile, mais c'était comme une évidence"

With this season 9 of Profiling, the actress Juliette Roudet offer over the last ten episodes to her character, Adele, Delettre. A desired departure but, nevertheless, difficult…

It is this Thursday, January 10, from 21h, and replay then on MyTF1, TF1 launches the ninth and new season of one of its flagship series : Profiling ! A particular season for its main actress, Juliette Roudet , since the latter has announced it several months ago his intention to leave the fiction at the end of this season 9. So it is with this last turn of the track that the actress embodies the on-screen Adele Delettre.

Tv-Leisure : How would you judge the evolution of your character at the beginning of this new season of Profiling ?

Juliette Roudet : the first reading of the scenario, I was pretty skeptical. Adele is part far away from Paris, away from the DPJ and his colleagues, but not say goodbye. Now, we see Adèle five years after the end of season 8. As an actress, it is strange enough to imagine what could happen to a character during a long time period. Finally, I said to myself, that everything from one day to the next day, it fitted well to his temperament and his way of doing things.

This season will be your last. How have you prepared to leave the series ?

I have a lot invested in my character and in this fiction for more than three years. I’ve had some very high points, like playing the twin sister of Adele [in the season 7, editor’s note]. It took a lot of energy, time… I love to experience new things professionally, throwing me challenges. This departure has been difficult, but it was like a no-brainer.

Viewers are they ready to say goodbye to Adele ?

They will need to learn… I am very touched by all the love and of the many messages I receive from fans since I announced my choice to leave. Adele has had an impact on many of them. They told me to prove it when I meet them in the street. It is something very strong, for an actor, to feel it. I hope they will be just as many to follow me in my future projects.

A return to casual of your character in Profiling, would it be feasible ?

I don’t think. I can’t see myself back in the role of Adele for him to redo my farewells then. It was painful to leave that role to the end of the filming of this season. The emotion was intense when I tidy the office of Adèle in the DPJ, its death’s-heads, its carnivorous plants… With the prop master and other members of the series, we began to cry at the time of the cartons.