Jose Mourinho almost died in a box with dirty linen sweaty players

Жозе Моуринью едва не умер в ящике с грязным бельем потных футболистов

Former head coach of “real” and “Manchester United” Jose Mourinho spoke about how he was hiding in the basket for dirty Laundry in the locker room of “Chelsea” in 2005.

About it writes Daily Mail.

Then Mourinho was suspended and could not attend the quarterfinal match of the Champions League against Bayern.

“Yes, it really was. Chelsea – Bayern is a great match in the Champions League. I was supposed to be with players and I did. I came into the dressing room day, and the match began at 19:00. Wanted to be there when you come players. No one saw me. The main problem was that then slip out of the locker room. Then Stewart Bannister, who was responsible in Chelsea for the equipment, put me in a box. The lid was ajar, so I could breathe. When Stuart took out the box, followed the officers of the League. They really wanted to find me. Suharto had to close the lid. When he opened it, I was dying. I’m telling you. I was about to die. It’s true,” said Mourinho.