Johnny Depp said he did not beat amber heard

Джонни Депп заявил, что не избивал Эмбер Херд 

Hollywood actor johnny Depp has provided the court evidence that he didn’t beat his ex-wife amber heard.

About it reports TMZ.

Documents are attached to the suit against the British tabloid The Sun. The newspaper published the same scandalous material about the quarrel between the spouses. The alleged may 21, 2016 Depp threw wife phone, and then beat her. Then, the media has pictures of the herd with a bruised face.

Depp gives information witnesses that in the day of the alleged conflict were the couple’s home. One of them saw no injuries have heard, and the beating on the girl’s body appeared only six days later.

Moreover, according to the testimony of police officers who arrived on may 21st call in the house of the couple, the actress said that between her and her husband nothing happened, and she looked perfectly healthy. The actor’s lawyer Adam Waldman also said that he had received the records from surveillance cameras, which show heard four days after the alleged conflict. In the video he didn’t see any bruises and injuries.

Recall that in the network there were pictures of a 55-year-old Hollywood actor johnny Depp kissing a mysterious stranger.

Previously Depp for the first time appeared in public bruised and surprised.