Jim Carrey again scoffs at Trump

Jim Carrey again scoffs at Trump
Jim Carrey again scoffs at Trump
American actor, and more recently, cartoonist Jim Carrey again scoffed at the plans of US President Donald Trump. This time, the reason for ridicule was the plans, voiced by the head of the White House, to create space armed forces.

“The peak of popularity of your presidency is behind? Then cry to the Cosmic Forces! Forward to stupidity and for its redistribution!” – so he signed a cartoon, published in his Twitter.

On the cartoon, the man portrayed Donald Trump and American Vice President Michael Pence in spacesuits bearing the inscriptions “Space Forces”.

It is worth noting that when discussing the budget of the Pentagon in Congress, the question of creating troops specifically for outer space was already raised, but this idea was rejected. Despite this, the adopted defense budget for the fiscal year 2019 contains a provision on the deployment of sensors and other elements of ABM systems in outer space.

Recall, this week, speaking at the Pentagon, Mike Pence announced the intention of the Trump administration to form a new Ministry of Space Forces. Also last week, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis supported the idea of ​​forming the Space Command of the Armed Forces.

It is worth noting that Kerry is no longer the first to publish cartoons on Trump. In June, he portrayed the president beating a migrant child.

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