Jennifer Aniston commented on the break with Justin Thero: “My heart is not broken”

Jennifer Aniston commented on the break with Justin Thero: "My heart is not broken"
Jennifer Aniston commented on the break with Justin Thero: “My heart is not broken”
In the September issue of InStyle, 49-year-old Jennifer Aniston became not only a real decoration of the room, but also gave the publication a frank interview in which she told why she did not become a mother, how she relates to social networks and whether the audience will see the continuation of the series Friends ). Here are the most interesting quotes of the actress.

About misconceptions of the public

“Jennifer can not keep a man” and “Jennifer refuses to have children, because she is selfish and obsessed with a career” – these are the two most important misconceptions about me. And they say that my heart is broken. But this is not so. Nobody knows what is really going on behind closed doors. They do not know what I went through from a medical and emotional point of view. Women are under pressure to be mothers. And if they do not become them, they are considered “spoiled goods”. Perhaps, my goal in this world is not to leave behind posterity? Maybe there are other important things that I have to do?

Jennifer Aniston

About Beauty

The body in a swimsuit is just a body in a swimsuit, no matter what it is. It’s time to stop associating beauty with the fourth size of clothes, as well as with a certain size of the hips and waist. This is all out of date. It’s time to move on.

About harassment

There were times when some actors made careless actions in my address, but I always managed to leave. In my career there was not such that I felt uncomfortable. Frankly, in the film industry, I was treated much worse by some women who were vocalizing me verbally.

I came across this in the media. Women face each other, discussing them with external data, style and other superficial things. If a Hollywood couple breaks up, they despise a woman. She is a sad and lonely loser.

We should listen to each other better, and this applies to men too. We can not bring everything to the point that there are flashes of anger. We should stick together.

About social networks

I do not have any profiles on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I think that iPhones, Snapchat and everything else contribute to the prosperity of narcissism. People use filters and other tools to hide who they really are.

About the TV series “Friends”

After the end of the series, many asked if the show would return to the screens. Me and Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow talked about this. I fantasize about it. This was my biggest work. I do not know how it would look today, but everything can be. Very many shows are restarted very successfully. I know that Matt LeBlanc no longer wants to answer this question. But maybe we can talk to him about it.

About fears

I would like to overcome the fear of flying. It began in 20 years after a very terrible flight. Since then, I began to pay attention to news about air crashes, and I was literally haunted by the thought of death in an airplane. In my head everything seemed to get out of control. And I would really like to get rid of it.

About sports

Last year, I discovered boxing, and I like it very much. This is the only training after yoga, to which I was deeply involved. Boxing is a great way to throw out aggression.

About future

I’ve never been the kind of person who could answer the question of who you see yourself in five years. There were times when I wanted to go to Switzerland or somewhere else and start all over again. Every seven years I try to sum up what I’m doing and what I want to focus on. I’m trying to make a better choice. I went through a time when I agreed to projects that I should not have participated in, but could not refuse. Now I’m boldly saying “no” and choosing only those projects that really matter to me. I’m glad that people still want to see me at parties.

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