Japanese Emperor Akihito turned 85

 Японскому императору Акихито исполнилось 85 лет

The Emperor of Japan Akihito, who next year will have to abdicate, said on Sunday its 85th anniversary.

“The fact that the era of the reign of Heisei coming to an end, when Japan free of war, gives me peace of mind,” said the monarch during his last press conference in the rank of Emperor of the country on the occasion of birthday. The words are provided by the management of the Affairs of the Imperial court.

Emperor Akihito also stressed the need to remember “the countless lives lost during the Second world war, and the fact that the peace and prosperity of postwar Japan was built at enormous sacrifice and tireless efforts of the Japanese people,” according to RIA Novosti.

In August 2016, the Emperor gave a televised address to understand that it is difficult for him to perform his duties due to old age, and he wished to pass the throne to the heir. For the nearest precedent of the abdication of the Emperor in favor of the heir occurred in the early nineteenth century. However, modern legislation – the law on the Imperial house and of the Constitution – is not possible in vivo transfer of the throne. In the fourth Chapter of the law on the Imperial house, stated that the throne “goes to the first by right of inheritance after the death of the Emperor.”In June last year, the Japanese Parliament passed a law stating that the current Emperor will hand the throne to heir and retires. Later in December 2017, the Commission for the Imperial family decided that the day of retirement of Emperor Akihito will be 30 April and the day of his accession to the throne, and the enthronement of the heir – may 1, 2019. After the abdication of the Akihito will be called “Jaco”.

Following the Emperor of Japan will become the eldest son of Akihito, Prince, Naruhito. His only daughter, Princess Aiko, the law has no right to inherit the throne, so the second in line to the throne, is the younger brother of Prince Naruhito Prince Akishino, Fumihito. He is also the father of a third at a time and only in the young generation of the Imperial family heir, 11-year-old Prince, Hisahito.The Japanese Imperial dynasty is the oldest ruling dynasties in the world. The current Emperor is her 125th representative. According to legend, the emperors of Japan are descendants of the sun goddess Amaterasu. The grandson of the goddess, the first Emperor Jimmu, the rules in the year 660 BC. At the same time the first real documented mention of the Emperor as the head of Japan recorded in the beginning of V century of our era.