Japan imposes a tax on leaving the country

Япония вводит налог на выезд из страны

The Japanese authorities decided to impose a tax on leaving the country in the amount of 1,000 yen, which is equal to 9,20 dollar, reports Xinhua. The new tax will begin to gather on January 7, citizens of all countries who leave Japan by plane or sea.

Said that the tax will be included in the price of a return ticket on a plane or a ship, along with other charges. If the citizens of another state doing in Japan temporary stop and leave the country within 24 hours, they will not have to pay the tax. Innovation also does not apply to children under the age of two years old, ambassadors of foreign countries and state guests.

Those who bought tickets to Japan until January 7 to pay the tax will not.

According to preliminary calculations, the tax on departure from Japan will bring about 50 billion yen (about $ 460 million) a year. Japanese authorities plan to spend these funds on infrastructure development before the summer Olympic games to be held in 2020.

This year for the proceeds from the tourist tax in airports of the major cities of Japan will establish a system of recognition. Also, additional funds will be spent on the acceleration of migration procedures and installation of equipment non-cash payment of journey in public transport.