“It’s useful”: Suprun decided to starve the Ukrainians by hunger and cold

«Это полезно»: Супрун решила морить украинцев голодом и холодом

The head of the Ministry of health often advises to abandon the benefits of civilization

The head of the health Ministry advised Ukrainians more likely to abandon the benefits of civilization.

Ulyana Suprun on his page on Facebook raised the issue of longevity. She has published informational video about the secrets of healthy life. Information for it has provided the genetics and the pathophysiology Viktor Dosenko, reports politeka.net.

The authors noted that the modern man lives in a very comfortable environment. However, permanent facilities may adversely affect the organism and contribute to its aging. According to the physician, you need to periodically get out of the comfort zone and engage protective mechanisms inherent nature.

One of the main factors of longevity is temperature. To improve the tone of the neuro-hormonal system, the video advises to spend more time in the cold. As a variant — a contrast shower or diving into the hole. Ulyana Suprun reminded that for these extreme classes need to be fully healthy. Otherwise you can get complications.

In addition to the cold, doctors offer Ukrainians to sit on short rations. “Too much food” — says one of the sketches. A strict diet may cause the phenomenon of autophagy when cells devour themselves. It is noted that during fasting, the body utilizes the accumulated toxins and cellular waste. They are the cause of most modern diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, ischemia, atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration and even cancer.

In addition, the authors recommend to follow the example of primates, and to eat more vegetables. They contain huge amount of fiber, necessary for the proper functioning of beneficial bacteria. Meat does not suit them.

To extend life, Ulyana Suprun and her colleagues call to experience oxygen starvation. As stated in the video, living beings needed exercise, changing the rhythm of breathing. The result aktiviziruyutsya genetic HIF protein that improves the production of red blood cells, blood vessel growth and oxygen-free oxidation. The best way to cause oxygen starvation experts called Hiking in the mountains.

While the Ministry of health in the face of Uljany Suprun trying to starve the Ukrainians by cold and hunger, health facilities are in terrible condition. Recently, the Network appeared photos of one of the dispensaries, which over the years is falling to pieces.

Mature female patient aged about 50 years have to be treated in wards with crumbling plaster and cracked sills. Everywhere there reigns unsanitary and devastation, despite half-hearted attempts of management to make cosmetic repairs. The blogger noted that instead of helping the staff of the clinic only steal from the sick, taking food, jewelry and even books.