It is a success: the fattest man in the world was able to get off the couch

Это успех: самый толстый мужчина в мире смог встать с дивана

The heaviest man in the world Juan Pedro Franco (Juan Pedro Franco) fulfilled a longtime dream and began to move on their own.

This publication reports The Mirror.

Living in Mexico man made the Guinness Book of records as the heaviest person on the planet in December 2016. Then he weighed 594 pounds. Since then, the 33-year-old Franco has survived two surgeries to reduce the stomach volume, the first of which reduced the authority by 75 percent, and dropped 294 pounds, adhering to a strict diet. For the treatment of men in the hospital installed a special bed.

“The most important thing for me is that I can walk again. Six years I haven’t left my house and never went anywhere except the hospital — said Franco. — A great achievement for me to get myself up to do step two or three. But I am glad that you start to move.”

Mexican since childhood suffered from excess weight. As a teenager, he had an accident, and then fell into a coma and for some time has been confined to her bed. “Then I broke almost every bone. All the right ribs, leg, everything,” recalls Franco. During the recovery period he was eating to cope with stress, and soon, the weight gain got out of control.

Doctors expect that in the next year and a half, Franco will throw another 200 pounds.

Now Franco had set a goal to set a new world record — to become the man who will lose more total pounds.

Previously the fattest child in the world dropped 100 pounds.