It has become known, where there can be a future meeting between Kim Jong UN and Donald trump

Стало известно, где может состояться будущая встреча Ким Чен Ына и Дональда Трампа

The staff of the administration of U.S. President Donald trump began an active search for places to hold the second meeting of the American leader with his North Korean Kim Jong-UN. Among the possible options is called Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia and even the American state of Hawaii.

About it reports CNN with reference to the sources.

Journalists report that the search for a suitable place for a meeting of heads of States and the DPRK began to trump statements that his meeting with Kim will be held “in the not so distant future.”

While the U.S. government does not consult on this issue with representatives of South Korea, which previously was given to understand that for them it would be preferable if the meeting trump and Kim Jong-UN would have passed in any of the Asian countries. The DPRK stated that the next meeting between the two leaders needs to happen in their capital Pyongyang.

Among the possible venues for the summit, also known as Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Hawaii, demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea, the channel reports.

According to CNN, the planning of the second meeting of trump and Kim is at a very early stage and could take several more months.

According to the broadcaster, because of the logistical problems at least one country on the list of potential places for the meeting at the highest level, had to be excluded. Reportedly, the White house contacted the representatives of the DPRK, proposing as a possible meeting place in Switzerland, but the parties failed to agree on how there going to get Kim Jong-UN.

Singapore, which hosted the first summit, this time while, according to sources, is not considered as a possible site for a new meeting.

Earlier, trump, speaking about the prospects of the second summit, said that he had received a letter from the leader of North Korea, which he called wonderful. CNN sources familiar with the contents of the letter, stated that it was intended to remind the Tramp of what a good relationship he was able to establish Kim Jong-UN. As noted by the sources of the channel, apparently, the leader of the DPRK sends letter to Trump, when he thinks that the talks between the two countries do not move from the dead point, thus reminding the President of the United States about how much, in his opinion, they managed to achieve in Singapore.

Also, earlier, the North Korean Agency tstak has extended the information that the DPRK remains preverjenih the case of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and hopes that the U.S. eliminate its nuclear threat to the Republic.

“Washington needs to stop threatening the DPRK with nuclear weapons. The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula calls for the elimination of weapons of mass destruction not only in the North of the Peninsula, and the South,” said KCNA, referring to the stationed in South Korea, U.S. forces provided the country a “nuclear umbrella”.