It has become known, for whom Zelensky took the room in the center of Kiev

Стало известно, для кого Зеленский захватил помещение в центре Киева

Today Vladimir Zelensky together with the police stormed the office in the center of Kiev. Former shareholder of “Quarter 95” and the owner of the occupied premises Sergei Shafir made a comment “news” regarding this incident.

“This office, my wife and Zelensky bought about two years ago. He legally belongs to us. We did not use them, because we did not let the people of sports appearance,” – said the producer.

“We don’t have to fight them. Therefore, we decided to transfer it in rent of the Channel. Now there legally placed Netpolice on loan. Office we want to squeeze the people who are abroad. This office belongs to individuals and is no relation to Vladimir Zelensky and his party does not have”, – summed up Sefir.