It became known, what to expect from the iPhone in 2019

Стало известно, чего ждать от iPhone в 2019 году

The expert, often reporting accurate insider information about products from Apple, told us what to expect from the iPhone in 2019. According to him, users will not see next season revolutionary solutions.

About it reports TechCrunch.

The launch of the latest iPhones took just over a month ago, and analysts have already begun to speculate what will surprise the designers in the Apple next season. According to one of the most knowledgeable experts, “Apple” the company plans in 2019 to keep the design and dimensions gadgets. As in previous years, you will have three devices, one of which will be budget classification of the manufacturer. Will remain brand cutout in the upper part of the display, because engineers do not yet have the technology to hide the sensor Face ID. But we should expect the appearance of the third camera module.

When you create a new iPhone designers focus on the technical side of it. The device will become more productive. This will be achieved at the expense of the new processor Apple A13. As always, the programmers have paid increasing attention to the optimization of hardware and software, making the device to work without any delay.

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