It became known how many Ukrainians owed to banks

Стало известно, сколько украинцы задолжали банкам  

Debt family farms before the paid by banks as at last month, totalled 197,4 billion.

This is referred to in the report of the NBU.

Thus, over the past year (compared with September 2017) debt increased by 27.2 billion UAH.

According to the NBU, in natsionalnoy currency Ukrainians should banks of 127.4 billion UAH, in foreign currency – by UAH 70,0 billion.

Note that last month the deposits in Ukrainian banks increased by UAH 10.5 billion to 506,7 billion UAH. According to the NBU, the inflow of funds in Deposit accounts of households, contributed to a large growth in wages.

In addition, last month, rates on hryvnia loans to banks to companies increased by 1.9 percentage points to 19.8% a year for the family farms by 0.3 percentage points to 32.1% a year. According to the NBU rate on hryvnia credit resources, first of all business, responded to the rate increase, constriction of liquidity in the banking system and strong demand for credit.

We will remind, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has expanded the potential uses of remote identification of individuals through electronic remote identification BankID.

“Citizens in the near future, you will be able to remotely banking and other services. This will only need to Bank user connected to the system BankID NBU. Banks will be able to open accounts to individuals remotely. Other participants – legal entities and non-banking companies – will be able to start providing their services remotely by means of the identification using the BankID system NBU”, – says the Director of the Informatization Department of NBU Volodymyr nagornyuk.

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