Israel has tested a new system that can counter the threats of ballistic missiles

В Израиле испытали новую систему, способную противостоять угрозам баллистических ракет

The Israeli defense Ministry announced that the country successfully tested a missile defense system “Strela-3”.

Reported by the AP.

So, the system is able to withstand the threats of ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere.

“The successful test of the interceptor, Arrow-3 is an important milestone in the ability of Israel to protect itself from current and future threats in the region”, – stated in the message.

As noted, “Strela-3” is part of a layered system Israel is developing to protect against short-range missile and medium range, fired from the Gaza strip and Lebanon and from the Iranian long-range missiles.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the air force of Israel (IAF) attacked targets in the Gaza strip.

It is indicated that the strike was in response to a failed rocket launch at Israel. So, in an airstrike killed one Hamas spokesman, four others were injured.

Earlier it was reported that Israel had subjected the tank shelling of the checkpoint of the terrorist group Hamas in response to the firing from their side on the border of the Gaza strip.