Is it true the handwriting gives the character, temperament and other traits of the person

 Правда ли почерк выдает характер, темперамент и другие черты человека

On 23 January the United States celebrate the Day of handwriting. Writing — mysterious thing: many believe that the squiggles on paper, you can judge a person. TASS figured out whether this really.

In school, children are taught to write on the same model, but despite this, it turns out at all different. These features are so characteristic that the people still hold the agreement signed and the courts bring the results of handwriting examinations, to prove the authorship of the manuscripts. It is easy to conclude that, once the handwriting is individual, it is information about individuality: not only who it belongs to, but what kind of a person.

In the popular view, graphologists identify handwriting character, but not the only one. Experts in this field ready to judge the temperament, mindset, level of intelligence and development of personality, emotional maturity, characteristics of the nervous system, mental and physical health, strengths and weaknesses in the work, the compatibility of the spouses and much more about. This diagnosis is often carried out by psychologists with clients, for employment, for guidance.

“Through handwriting, you can analyze how man lives, perceives, reacts and adapts to the world,” says the graphologist, Ph. D. Larisa Drygval. According to her, on the activity of the psyche depends on fine motor skills — because of this, there is a kind of writing symbols. “It is ridiculous to deny the link of the brain and fine motor skills when writing. Writing by hand is an expression of microgestin peculiar to a specific person with specific behavioral patterns,” — said another graphologist Irene bukhareva,reports TASS.

Graphologists believe that handwriting self-sufficient, and additional monitoring and tests for examination is not required. However, Larisa Drygval the analysis also takes into account the biological age and gender to determine psychological maturity and method of responding to the world: “male” or “female”. Irina bukhareva also asked gender and age, and which hand a person writes, what his vision is, whether there are injuries or illnesses that could affect the letter, if he’s on potent drugs. All this is taken into account in the analysis.

To determine personality traits and intelligence level handwriting analysis do even less. Scientists from University College London conducted two experiments in which students completed psychological tests to assess their personality and mind. The results were compared with the findings of the handwriting experts who were checking the manuscript. Experts on handwriting have failed: their conclusions were correct no more often than it happens by accident. The above mentioned Recommendations, Pietrabissa conducted similar experiments and also found no evidence that handwriting analysis is able to say something about the person. No wonder the British psychological society on the reliability of the results puts it on a par with astrology (this is consistent with the results of the experiment in the wording of the TASS).

Maybe in the handwriting really is hidden some information about the person. This hypothesis is not disproved, and the letter is really involved area of the brain also affect personality and intelligence. But, apparently, if the curls on the paper and hidden something important, graphology is not able to recognize that. They just creatively explain what he saw with the help of metaphors, analogies and symbols.

The simplicity is deceptive

When I asked Larisa Drygval and Irina Bukhareva about the benefits of handwriting analysis, both first called simplicity: in order to conduct a handwriting examination, the person requires only to sit back, relax, and write half a page of text — even to go anywhere is not necessary, and the specialist does not need any expensive equipment — except the microscope, which is used by the graphologists to look at lines on paper. But the simplicity is deceptive.