Iranian “Angelina Jolie” has shown shocking video

Иранская «Анджелина Джоли» показала шокирующее видео

Model Sugar Tabar, which users call “Iranian Angelina Jolie”, has published a series of videos on his page in Instagram.

This is reported by the media.

Users have noticed that she continues to experiment on their appearance.

Иранская «Анджелина Джоли» показала шокирующее видео

In the last picture, Tabar posing in orange, white and pink wigs. The girl specifically makes your face pale and wears colored contacts. Sugar said that he had moved about fifty plastic surgeries to look like the star of the film “Maleficent”. Apparently, she recently went under the surgeon’s knife: in the last picture she’s wearing a plaster on his nose.

Many users insist that the girl is a good makeup artist knows how to process your images. “Don’t be silly. It’s just makeup and photoshop,” said one of them. Itself Sugar Tabar admitted that he uses photoshop, but considers it a way of expression. “It’s a way of expression, a kind of art,” she shared.

Recall, Angelina Jolie in lace dress made a splash.

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