Invited Medvedchuk to the team “For life”, Rabinovich showed that understands the requests of his electorate — Peter oleschuk

Пригласив Медведчука в команду «За життя», Рабинович показал, что хорошо понимает запросы своего электората, — Петр Олещук

“Vadim Rabinovich understands the electorate and his request”. So the political scientist Peter oleschuk broadcast NewsOne commented on joining the team of the party “For freedom” Viktor Medvedchuk, who will develop the direction for relations with the CIS countries and the establishment of peace in Ukraine.

According to the Oleshhuk on the basis of the party’s program, line of conduct Rabinovich quite logical and predictable.

“The political force leader speaks of the necessity of direct negotiations with Russia and the so-called self-proclaimed republics — and then invites the party of Medvedchuk, who accepted the proposal. It is clear why: at the moment, he’s the one who carries out the functions in these indirect negotiations based on the mandate from the President”, — said the analyst.

He believes that consisting of exchanges by and large have become successful thanks to the participation of Medvedchuk, which is trusted by the representatives of Lugansk and Donetsk, as they said repeatedly.

“By and large some of the other options in this situation. As for the electoral base, it is shown the same ratings and polls. On the one hand, it’s very wide on the other – still has frames that are defined electoral preferences. In my opinion, the position of the Rabinovich is quite logical, based on the understanding of the electorate “For life” and its needs,” said Peter oleschuk.

As previously reported, during the presentation of the program for Ukraine’s withdrawal from the economic and political crisis, the leader of the “For life” Vadim Rabinovich began to form a team party, where, in the opinion of the audience should be invited: Viktor Medvedchuk (the establishment of peace and relations with the CIS countries), Viktor Suslov (Economics), Vitaliy Shabunin (fight against corruption), Eugene Pedachenko (madrepora), Valentyn Nalyvaychenko (foreign policy).


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