Interpol has warned about the threat of the second wave of Islamic terrorism

В Интерполе предупредили об угрозе второй волны исламского терроризма

Many countries in the world can threaten a second wave of Islamic terrorism.

This was stated by Secretary General of the International criminal police organization (Interpol) jürgen Stock, according to DW.

This situation “can be called “Islamic state” version 2.0,” he added.

Accomplices of the terrorists are serving a relatively small prison terms because the convictions was handed down without reference to specific attacks, said the Secretary General of Interpol.

According to him, generations of former supporters of terrorism “a few years later released”. If the jihadist group was defeated in geographical terms, its supporters would try to move to other regions of the world – for example, in South East Asia or Africa, believes the Stock.

The prison continues to play a significant role in the formation of radical ideologies, the expert said. Interpol Secretary General cited the example of the December armed attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg.

Recall, December 11, 29-year-old French citizen of Arab origin Sheriff Secatt opened fire on visitors of the fair, killing three and wounding 11 people. Two days later, the criminal was killed during the arrest.

The attacker was under the control of the French secret services (so-called list S), as someone who is a potential danger, and already 27 times brought to criminal responsibility. During his stay in prison Secatt paid great attention to religion, he was suspected of adherence to radical Islamic views.