INTELLIGENT POWER: Poroshenko intentionally splits the country, capitalizing on the language issue (VIDEO)

РАЗУМНАЯ СИЛА: Порошенко намеренно раскалывает страну, спекулируя на языковом вопросе (ВИДЕО)

Whipping up the controversy surrounding the language issue is a deliberately chosen policy of the authorities aimed to divide society. The government divides the population into “us” and “them” is even more sprawling country. “Poroshenko divides society, and the language law confirms this. We want to unite the country: from Luhansk to Zakarpattia, from Kiev to Sevastopol,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the political party “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Savchenko in the video blog posted on the YouTube channel of the party.

“Today, the issues that artificially divide society, have accumulated so much that the country no longer stands. Questions of faith, language, territory of residence – schisms and divisions more than the unifying factors. But these “language rules” are irrelevant to European values. On the contrary – it is the way in the middle Ages!”, – said Alexander Savchenko.

According to him, capitalizing on the language issues, the government wants even more to drive people into a dead end, to restrict their constitutional rights and to “disown” from important economic issues.

“Tell me, how the language law makes life easier for Ukrainian citizen, pensioner, newborn? Or he will make available education, quality medicine? Or is it something for the future of the country? No! After all, President Poroshenko has no development strategy. Its goal is to divide society, to instant and dividends to stay afloat at the expense of right-wing groups and intimidate people,” – said the politician.

He stressed that the Constitution provides that the state language is Ukrainian, but at the same time the Basic Law protects the rest of the citizens who speak other languages. And such languages – a lot.

“But when members start to talk about it, for some reason they only remember about the first part, and the second to “forget”. Power turns the Constitution as it is beneficial, and people perceived only as statistical data that help her to stay in their seats”, – says Alexander Savchenko.

The party of “REASONABLE FORCE” has positioned itself as the only political force advocating the unification of Ukraine. In late September, the leaders of the “REASONABLE FORCE” met with Ukrainian citizens in Lugansk uncontrolled and signed the people’s Declaration of peace.

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