INTELLIGENT POWER: Poroshenko divides citizens into two classes, and this is unacceptable (VIDEO)

РАЗУМНАЯ СИЛА: Порошенко делит граждан на два сорта, и это недопустимо (ВИДЕО)

The current government divides society on the territorial and linguistic question. This will inevitably lead to the aggravation of the conflicts within the country and threaten its integrity. The only way out is the establishment of a moratorium on these topics, without that peace in Ukraine will be extremely difficult to provide. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the political party “REASONABLE FORCE” Alexander Savchenko in the video blog posted on the YouTube channel of the party.

“As citizens who were born and live in Donetsk region, defined as the second grade, how could a government come to such thoughts? With the current government in Ukraine is all that in European society is unacceptable, was the reason of the possible” – says the politician.

Alexander Savchenko said: “We dismiss the totalitarian past, we’re trying to say that everything that made the hated regime is very bad, but at the same time go the same way and in some ways even more rigidly”. As a way out of this situation, he proposes to recognize the problem, identify the issues that divides society and make them a moratorium: “we Need to focus on the economy, on the level of human well-being. Citizens barely make ends meet not because of language problems! You need to improve the lives of citizens, to solve the real problems of the country and society. Once that happens, there will be hysteria, is the internal understanding. You need to go very carefully on this path.”

Savchenko stressed that travels a lot around Ukraine and meets with citizens across the country. He says that people resent the artificial creation of language problems, please do not escalate the hysteria surrounding this issue, and better and to keep it. The politician is sure that the citizens need to be informed that this issue is extremely manipulative and threatens the territorial integrity of the country.

In October of the current year, the language issue has already provoked a strong reaction from deputies, when was adopted the law on the Ukrainian language. Then one of the deputies called him a radical, while others, conversely, seemed too moderate, indeed, for national minorities, in their opinion, still wide rights to use their languages.

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