Inside Man (TF1) : the movie that inspired the series phenomenon, The casa de papel (VIDEO)

Inside Man (TF1) : le film qui a inspiré la série phénomène La casa de papel (VIDEO)

Inside Man, inside man, aired tonight on TF1 to 21: 00, is a polar masterful trompe-l’oeil, rich in twists and turns, and trappings. It has clearly influenced The casa de Papel, the series phenomenon of Netflix. Explanations.

The action of’Inside man, inside man, to see this evening on TF1, takes place in a bank in Manhattan. Four painters in the building crossing the threshold of the Manhattan Trust Bank : suits and hoods black, sunglasses, masks and white gloves. They barricaded glamourize the building of the interior, neutralize the safety devices, together brutally customers and employees and require them to put the same combination as the one they are wearing. Clearly, the hostages are there for a moment. The criminals are supremely organized and follow a plan long matured. Outside of the bank, the cop in charge of the case (Denzel Washington) tries to negotiate with the thugs without being able to understand their true motivation, and the powerful director of the bank, old man with a troubled past, who knows obviously more, committed a terrible negotiator (Jodie Foster) to put the cop out of the game.

If we summarize, therefore, it was a commando wearing mask, hood and glasses binding of the dozens of hostages terrified to be in the same combination everywhere. Does that remind you of anything ? In The casa de papel, the series phenomenon of Netflix produced by Alex Pina, eight robbers invest the royal House of Coin of Spain, in order to print to 2.4 billion euros, in small denominations of € 50, in less than eleven days, without paying a drop of blood, despite the presence of 67 hostages, including the daughter of the ambassador of the United Kingdom. The thieves wore a red suit that reminds one of the prisoners of Guantanamo and wear a mask inspired by the image of Dalí… reminiscent of the Anonymous.

There are numerous similarities between the movie and the series. In both cases, it is not so much the preparation of the turning circle, which is at the center of the story, but the robbery itself, the unfolding of the hostage and negotiations with police. Another uncanny resemblance : the two gangs are hidden are led by two geniuses of the motivations of all personal, which unfold the storyline of a well-considered plan : Dalton Russell (Clive Owen) in Inside Man, negotiates and manipulates the police forces from the interior of the bank of Manhattan. In The casa de papel, professor (Alvaro Dead) does the same, but from the outside, connected to the robbers by a clever device of communication.

Inside Man (TF1) : le film qui a inspiré la série phénomène La casa de papel (VIDEO)© Netflix

Unlike The saga of Ocean’s with George Clooney and Matt Damon, Inside Man and The casa de Papel is free movies from the end to move on the issue. In the film, the vault room contains an old secret which only two people know the the series,the Professor and his band of robbers are less like thieves that of the rebels, who steal the state, but did not take the savings of the people. “Bella, Ciao“, The anthem of the series, sung repeatedly by the protagonists, is a vocal supporter Italian born in the communities, anti-fascists.

But the great strength of the brilliant thriller from Spike Lee, it is his intrigue to drawers which passes the course of the heist scenes of interrogation of the hostages released, amongst which are hidden the four criminals.

IF you liked The(a Casa de papel, it cannot be too advise you to watch Inside Man, inside man. Do would be to wait until September 29, 2019 where you can discover on Netflix the third season of the series in Spanish, with this announcement more than intriguing : “ There are three sides of the same story.