Innovations for the Ukrainians: how to apply for a grant under the new rules

Новшества для украинцев: как оформить субсидию по новым правилам

Ukrainians applying for grants, can apply for them on the website of Ministry of social policy, or in person by visiting the Department of social protection. In case of refusal, the Ukrainians will be able to appeal the decision, said the head of the main territorial administration of justice in Kiev, Stanislav Kutsenko.

According to him, Ukrainians should submit the necessary documents to be ready for the beginning of the heating season, writes “Obozrevatel”.

“No need to wait for October 15 or another date, when the heating season begins, and already take care of it. There are two options how to solve this issue. You must write an application and submit a Declaration of income or physically to the regional Department of social protection, or the easier way – an online application through the website of the Ministry of social policy,” he said.

The grantees in Kyiv and regional centers need to contact in advance as “expected to be especially large queue, there is a huge concentration of people and people will in the last days to apply”.

The official noted that even the presence of a car or valuable property is not an obstacle to obtaining subsidies.

“It’s important to provide accurate information. Often Ukrainians are afraid to show the property, but if you read about the conditions of receiving subsidies, it is not an obstacle, and a lot of households have the ability to obtain them”, – he assured.

“Now we have to be prepared for the fact that the subsidy a certain time is checked against the tax authorities. There was added the requirement that the employee social protection authority must verify the family ties of those who is an applicant for the grant. It should be borne in mind that verification of these data will take some time”, – said the representative of the Ministry of justice.

Kutsenko also said that in case of refusal to grant the decision can be appealed.

“If you are all the information pointed out, anyone has the right to appeal. You can clarify the information, to submit other documents in order to appeal a certain decision of the Department of social protection. They’ll check everything, but no need to fear administrative or criminal liability, because the most important Declaration to file on time before April 1. In this situation, you will simply be denied a subsidy, but will have the opportunity to clarify data,” he concluded.

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