Information on the supply of Iranian weapons to Hizbollah illogical – Arab scientist

Информация о поставках Ираном оружия «Хезболле» нелогична – арабский политолог

Reports that the Islamic Republic of Iran has supplied the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah a large shipment of weapons is not only untrue, but simply is illogical.

This personal opinion in the comments correspondent of ГолосUA expressed by the Arab scientist al-Hasan al-DAMI.

According to the analyst, currently, Tehran is not interested in open support of Hezbollah and sympathetic to his movement in Lebanon, because now Iran is throwing its main forces solely on the support of the current government in Syria. “Iran can not lead a diplomatic war on two fronts, justifying their presence in Syria and at the same time providing support to the Lebanese Shiites, he said. – Engage on this basis, in confrontation with the international community in General and the United States with Israel in particular, the Tehran politicians are not going”.

As stressed by H. al-DAMI, Islamic Republic indeed shares the views of Hizbollah, and even supplies its activists funds, but to supply arms to Tehran in the near future not intended.

We will remind, on the eve of a number of Western media reported about the arrival in the airport of Beirut Iranian cargo aircraft guidance systems on Board. Earlier, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hezbollah, with the support of Iran creates in the Lebanese capital an underground base for the improvement of rockets of a class “earth-earth”.

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