Indonesia has lost more than $900 million from the tsunami and earthquake news ZIK.UA

Індонезія втратила понад $900 млн через цунамі та землетруси – новини ZIK.UA

The sum of losses due to tsunamis and earthquakes according to the National Agency for the prevention of natural disasters in Indonesia – a minimum of 911 million dollars.

It is reported “Public”.

According to their own estimates, as a result of the disaster killed 256 people 2, 4 612 injured. More than 220 thousand people were left without shelter.

“The heavy losses caused to the residential houses. Almost all the buildings along the Bay of Palu were destroyed and badly damaged. The decrease in the level of soil in residential areas led to the disappearance of thousands of homes,” – said the Agency.

According to local authorities, the earthquake has damaged about 70 thousand houses, 256 schools, 78 of 362 offices and shops.

Also note that the amount of damage will increase.

We will remind, on September, 28 at the coast of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi earthquake of magnitude 7.5. Tremors caused a tsunami.

In October, the Indonesian province of North Sumatra through heavy rains and floods that led to the short mountain streams, collapsed part of the elementary school. 20 people were killed.

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