India will send into space its own manned mission in December 2021

 Индия отправит в космос собственную пилотируемую миссию в декабре 2021 года

India in the framework of the project “Gahagan” (“celestial ship”) plans to send the first national manned mission into space in December 2021, said Friday the Director of the Indian organization of comic studies (ISRO) Kallasvuo Sivan.

“We intend to send the first unmanned mission in December 2020, the second – in July 2021, and finally piloted in December 2021,” said Sivan, quoted by the TV channel NDTV,reports RIA Novosti.

According to the head of ISRO, the program “Gahagan” is a key priority of the organization in 2019. “We make use of all our resources. Our entire team is focused on achieving this goal”, – assured Sivan.

He also said that the composition of the Indian crew of three, which will go into Earth orbit in 2021, will be a woman. By implementing this project, India will become fourth country in the world after USSR, USA and China – which has managed to independently send humans into space, said the Director of ISRO

“We want to among the astronauts were women. That is our goal. In my opinion, we need to coach both men and women. In his speech the Prime Minister referred to “brothers and sisters” – and we will be happy to work on this… However, this will require training and other things,” added Sivan.

In his speech on the occasion of independence Day 15 August 2018, Prime Minister Narendra modi said that the country will send a national crew in orbit until 2022, when it will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its independence. In late December, the Indian Cabinet approved funding for the program, dubbed “Gahagan”, in the amount of 100 billion rupees (about 1.43 billion dollars).

It is expected that this project help new Delhi will have Moscow. The Ambassador of India in Russia Bala Venkatesh Varma in an interview with RIA Novosti earlier reported that the practical joint work of the two countries on this direction will begin in 2019.