In Ukraine will continue to go up meat expert

В Украине продолжит дорожать мясо – эксперт

Ukraine will continue to rise in price of meat, in particular pork and beef in the coming months will rise by 2-3%.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the expert of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin.

“Meat is rigidly linked to world prices. If the price of meat will jump substantially higher prices to our neighbors, the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets will fill imported products. The price of imports in any case restricts the upper limit of the growth rates for meat. I think that in a year the cost of meat will grow by 7-8%. Up to 10%,” – said O. Pendzin.

The expert said that in the coming months, pork and beef to rise by 2-3%.

“The cost of chicken is completely dependent on the world market”,- summarized O. Pendzin.

Recall that in Ukraine for the year significantly went up in the retail meat. This is evidenced by data the Ministry of agrarian policy. So, wholesale prices for meat for the year in Ukraine grew by 3%, retail – 8.3%. The price of beef wholesale prices rose 4% to 79.4 UAH/kg, retail – 9% to 98 UAH/kg. the Price of poultry (chicken) in the opt increased by 3%, to 45.7 UAH/kg, retail – 8% 57,7 UAH/kg.