In Ukraine will be fined for a salary “in an envelope”

В Украине будут штрафовать за зарплату «в конверте»

In Ukraine will be fined for a salary “in envelopes” – after all, our state must know when and how much gets everyone.

This is stated in the message of the Cabinet of Ministers, media reported.

The government thus decided to “withdraw from the shadows” work in legalizing Ukrainian wages. Previously, this has significantly reduced taxation, and now to play nice, the government, apparently tired. Now for each employee who receives a salary in “envelopes”, the employer will be obliged to pay a fine of 125 to 190 UAH.

However, 46% of employers know how to evade taxes. From January to October this year, the taxmen found 7.3 thousand not properly executed workers.

“Tax” this year checked out of 3000 enterprises. Searched for unregistered workers and other labor law violations. 46% of inspections ended in penalties. All businessmen will have to pay 753 million UAH of the tax on income of natural persons, 601500000 single sotsvznosa and 37500000 military duty. After this verification it was found that on average, each offender has the state 1 million UAH.

The main reason that employers refuse to issue employees trying to save on taxes. For “white” the salary of 15 thousand UAH are required to pay 6.2 thousand UAH to the state. This money will go to pensions, road repairs, salaries of state employees, military, etc. As shown by the data of DFS, many employers refuse to issue employee and thus save on salaries. And it is not always those businesses that are really unable to pay. According to the Ministry of social policy, 84000 leaders of the officially established minimum salary. And the rest likely simply gets in the envelope. The average salary 75% of enterprises less than 4 thousand hryvnia.

Recall, October 31, it was reported that the average salary in Ukraine in September 2018 amounted to 9042 of the hryvnia.

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