In Ukraine, until June of fruits and vegetables every month will go up by 7-8%.

В Украине до июня овощи и фрукты  ежемесячно будут дорожать на 7-8%  – эксперт

In Ukraine, until June of fruits and vegetables every month will go up by 7-8%.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the expert of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin.

“If you look closely at the rise in prices of vegetables and fruits for 2018, we have the amplitude was of the order of 100%. Certain vegetables price hike over the year amounted to 180%. Most likely, we have a further increase in prices for vegetables and fruits at 7-8% per month until June. If there is early spring, before may. That is, until the next harvest. In addition, the growth of prices for fruits and vegetables is highly dependent on logistics. If there are snowfalls, snowstorms and bad road, the cost of transportation will increase substantially. From the wholesale warehouse to deliver the product to shelves is worth some money. If the product is delivered through the drifts, the price is significantly increased,” – said O. Pendzin.

According to him, the price in 2019 will grow more vegetables.

“A great list of fruit import. There is a slightly different pricing policy. Import pegged to the hryvnia. It was quite stable, so the rise in price of exotic fruits was not significant. About 7%. At the same time , the change in the price of vegetables that we grow – about 70%. The leader of a price increase are : onions, carrots, beets. The potato has risen in price to a lesser extent, as a lot of it produced. We have a very poor storage and large waste. We are stocking lots of potatoes, and a lot of it remains in storage until the next harvest,” – concluded O. Pendzin.

Recall, according to the largest hypermarkets of the country, the average cost of avocados remains unchanged at 21 hryvnia apiece. However, depending on the type and quality, you can also find and cheaper – from 14 USD apiece. Persimmon in major hypermarkets of Ukraine rose by an average of 2 UAH and offered at a price of 45 UAH per kg. of Mangoes the Minimum cost of a mango in the Ukrainian hypermarket is 25 UAH per unit, however, the average price of the fruit ranges from 26 to 30 USD apiece.