In Ukraine named a number of victims of influenza A

В Украине назвали количество жертв гриппа типа А

Since the beginning of this year, five Ukrainians died from complications caused by influenza virus type A.

This was reported by the press service of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health.

Total in Ukraine since the beginning of this season, from October 2018, died from influenza 13.

“From 1 October 2018 to 6 January 2019 registered in Ukraine 2439032 human cases of influenza and SARS. To date, the epidemic thresholds are exceeded in two regions: Kyiv (2.8%) and Zhytomyr (7%). in Ukraine the incidence of 17.6% less than the epidemic threshold”, – stated in the message.

The Ministry of health remind us that influenza is an acute respiratory disease caused by a virus that is easily transmitted from person to person mainly through coughing, sneezing or close contact. The center of public health of Ukraine recommends that at the first symptoms to see a doctor, because self-medication can be harmful to health, and failure to identify flu can lead to serious complications and even death of the patient. Experts suggest CHP even in the midst of the season to get vaccinated to protect themselves from the risk of getting the flu.

“Only vaccination can protect against the disease, related complications and death,” – said in the Ministry of health and added that the season of influenza and SARS is not a reason to refuse routine vaccination against other diseases – for deferral of vaccination should be clearly defined contraindications for the introduction of a vaccine.

Earlier in Chernigov died of influenza pregnant woman.