In Ukraine for a month of meat rose by 9%

В Украине за месяц мясо подорожало на 9%

In Ukraine for a month has risen significantly in the retail meat.

This is evidenced by data on agricultural policy.

In particular, the retail price of chicken meat increased by 8% to 57.6 UAH per kg, pork – by 8% to 97.9 UAH per kg of beef by 9% to 98 UAH per kg.

At the same time, the Ministry said the decline in wholesale prices for chicken and pork. So, for the month the cost of chicken in the opt fell by 1% to 45.2 UAH per kg, pork prices by 4% to 74.4 UAH per kg. But the price of beef wholesale prices increased by 1% to 77,9 UAH per kg.

It is known that wholesale prices are those that received the first link of the intermediaries, manufacturers, and the level of growth of retail prices depends on the number of chains of intermediation and trade allowances last intermediary to the supermarket or shop.

Earlier, Ukraine has risen in the world ranking of exporters of chicken meat in the sixth place, leaving behind Russia and Canada.

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